Panorama Production

Panorama Productions creates in-house film and tv projects.

Panorama Production creates in-house film and tv projects. Panorama Productions pursues to work with creative minds within the world of storytelling and entertainment and is always looking out for new exciting stories to realize. 

Panorama Production has in collaboration with Panorama Agency and Panorama Academy created a line of projects during COVID-19 under the project name #fallingapartintoplace.

As of late, Panorama Production has obtained the rights of the Danish young-adult book ‘Røverehistorier fra Roskilde’ and the critically acclaimed noir-thriller ‘Ildfugl’

Panorama Production in collaboration with Panorama Academy

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Se alle filmene, der er skabt af filmfællesskabet


De nye film består af to filmserier, skabt helt fra idé til færdig film af Panorama Academys dygtige elever i samarbejde med Academys lærere og Panorama Agencys professionelle skuespillere.