Short Films Project 'Overskridelser'

Panorama Academy in collaboration with Oscar award-winning short film director Martin Strange-Hansen

Panorama Creator Program

The 1-year creator program at Panorama Academy is an education for actors, directors, screenwriters with the purpose to create, improve and practice your skills and talent within the fields. This year they have collaborated with Oscar award-winning short film director Martin Strange-Hansen to create the web series ‘Overskridelser’.

What is the short film series 'Overskridelser'?

We have all tried to have our boundaries crossed. Be it from family, friends, someone we thought we knew better, or even a stranger in a public space. And our reactions are usually unpredictable: Do we lash out? Freeze up? Make ourselves small? Or big? Or do we just say nothing and then scream out “THAT’S what I should have said!” when it hits us six hours later back home on the couch?

Our reactions are as diverse as the reasons why someone would cross us. We are the sum of our actions, and our actions are often the sum of our experiences. A terrible day, a tough week, a long year, or maybe even a bad life – all people are affected by their backgrounds and motives. But one thing remains true: We are all just human beings.

‘Overskridesler’ is a web series that follows a small group of strangers who are connected without knowing it. As they coincidentally meet in everyday life, they overstep each other’s boundaries while having their boundaries overstepped as well. The series uses humor as its central element to explore both why they end up crossing each other, and how each of them chooses to react to it.

Panorama Academy Short Films 2023

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