Easy-Iza, Gina Marchwinski

Panorama Production has in collaboration with Panorama Academy created a line of projects during COVID-19 under #fallingapartintoplace. The aim of the projects is to give actors the opportunity to meet and work together in new innovative ways, to bring support by mentoring, to elevate each other by creating a community, and to come together as one.


Panorama Academy actors got the assignment to write and produce 3 minutes short films about the extraordinary circumstances which the world-wide pandemic has brought upon us all and to reflect on the quote “Sometimes we think it’s all falling apart, when the truth is, it’s falling into place”  

Despite the production limitations due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the actors faced many obstacles and had to be creative in using their own locations, camera, costumes, and network. 

The actors have written, produced and many are also starring in their own short films. 

The short films share the thoughts and feelings, frustrations and joys, each of us can relate to during this unusual time.

Follow our IG and FB as we present the short films day by day – with introductions from the actor themselves. 

You can also watch the short films on Panorama Production website: https://panoramaproduction.com/falling-apart/


“Easy Iza!” is about Izabella’s corona life. Imagine Marie Antoinette as a single in Copenhagen in 2020 during the Corona crisis. It is a short film about how to most “easily” keep your head high during COVID-19…

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De nye film består af to filmserier, skabt helt fra idé til færdig film af Panorama Academys dygtige elever i samarbejde med Academys lærere og Panorama Agencys professionelle skuespillere.